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Software Engineer

In the product engineering team, you will create, maintain and improve to the product. You will work within cross functional agile pods that deliver iterative improvements to the managed product. You will assess the requirements backlog from the Product Manager (PO) and implement the backlog to the product while considering all the functional requirements and non-functional requirements aspects.

What You'll Do

  • Develop the optimal use case and write clean codes for that use case with sensible technical design

  • Attend stand-up meetings, sprint planning, backlog grooming and sprint retro; communicate product development status to internal and external stakeholders in a clear and timely fashion
    Analyze and estimate effort for product features defined by the Product Manager from development point of view

  • Ensure software quality and maintainability by implementing software engineering best practices and voicing out/ escalating any concerns that can potentially compromise delivery and quality

  • Implement critical thinking and system thinking to identify pain points in bigger picture and implement end-to-end problem solving to improve the overall software engineering process that might impact other function within pods

  • Become a strong and passionate advocate for code quality improvement implementation within the designated pods


  • Really, really, really love software engineering, development, programming, or coding

  • Have good logic and good analytical thinking, meticulousness and self discipline, enjoy working in teams, have good time management, good adaptability and are convenient with ambiguity and changes

  • Have strong sense of ownership to the code and strong desire to learn and write clean code

  • Experienced in GolangRelational Database such as PostgreSQL, and git

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