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Our mission is to build the widest community of influencers to give consumers equal access to the best providers of goods and services.



Providing Equal Access


Mapan is an aggregator of purchasing power for its users, with a distinct goal of building economies of scale. By harnessing the strength of local communities, Mapan enables people to work together to improve their quality of life. Established in 2009, Mapan aimed to empower the middle-low income group to achieve “Mapan”, a state of financial well-being, by providing equal access to products and services.

Our story began with the idea of solving substantial issues faced by those who had limited access to products and services, impeding capabilities to improve living status.

In 2015, digitalized “Arisan” became one of our first products to provide a solution for those who had low purchasing powers and lack of access to high-value goods. Leveraging on the approach of “Arisan”, Mapan took this concept further with the combination of the ecosystem and technology that sets up communities for high-value goods affordability through the group-purchase mechanism. To date, we have touched the lives of more than 3 million members across Indonesia, through an extensive network of more than 270,000 influencers - known as “Mitra Usaha Mapan” - in fulfilling their needs in each life stage. We strongly believe that there is no one-size- fits-all solution. Hence, Mapan now aims to provide a broader spectrum of products and services through options beyond Arisan, such as :

  • Mapan Mart, which presents a direct, convenient access to daily needs products,

  • Mapan Pulsa, for airtime needs, data package, and token bills.


Mapan for All

Enable anyone to improve their lives, reach their goals, and increase their dignity by connecting them to the widest community of influencers.